December 3, 2013

Blogs End

Due to some upcoming life events and a focus on martial arts training, I will no longer be updating this blog.

If you haven't gotten the general gist of how to program kettlebell we go:

RKC Minimum Program (4 weeks minimum) > Enter the Kettlebell > RKC Minimum Week > Viking Warrior Conditioning > RKC Minimum Week

Do a complete cycle for each weight of kettlebell you own up to 53 pounds. Add in some variety days and have fun.

Couple this with Convict Conditioning and you have damn near the perfect life-long physical fitness and conditioning program.

Do not confuse this with the conditioning required for sports. Sports have a specific requirement associated with them, and a conditioning program should ensure strength demands are met for the sport as well as allowing an athlete to focus on injury prevention.

It was fun doing this, but unfortunately time demands will not allow me to do this. I'll still have my bells and keep using them. Keep swinging.

December 2, 2013


Week 4: RKC Minimum Day 1

10 minute dynamic warm-up

5 minutes of alternating TGUs

2 minute rest

12 minutes of the following using a 35 pound kettlebell:
30 swings
1 min of active rest activity

After each set of swings, pick an activity to complete for 1 minute. Examples are jogging, rowing, burpees, mountain cilmbers, jumping jacks - do something that forces you to move. Take no breaks. If you cannot do 20 swings, do as many as you can to a comfortable stop and switch to the active rest activity.